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• All the quilting inspiration you'll need, all year long (that’s 60+ quilt patterns!)
• No need to make room on the shelf - access digital quilt magazine issues anytime, anywhere
• Every Digital BLOCK subscription includes bonus content, VIP coupons, and special offers just for YOU!
• Video quilting tutorials, clickable links, and printables, to help you every step of the way
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• Quilt inspiration delivered right to your mailbox
• A full year's worth of quilting project ideas (60+ patterns!)
• New quilt techniques and bonus content
• VIP coupons and special offers just for YOU, all year long!
• Video quilting tutorials, clickable links, and printables, designed to help you every step of the way
• All of the perks included in the digital subscription,
• Enroll TODAY and get 7 BLOCK quilt magazine issues for the price of 6!

It's more than a quilt magazine

- it's an idea book!

Our quilt magazine is the inspirational go-to for quilters all over! It's packed with tips & tricks, quilting trends, sewing styles from different cultures, designer interviews, quilt and project patterns, quilting-for-a-cause articles, step-by-step instructions to learning new techniques, gorgeous photography, a look into Jenny's studio, and sew much more!


If you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to create something unique, get a Missouri Star BLOCK Magazine subscription now!

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BLOCK Magazine is so much more than just another quilting magazine subscription. When you subscribe, you instantly become a BLOCKStar, getting exclusive discounts on things like our Machine Quilting services, backing, threads, and more.


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Free Download: Guide to Sewing Machine Presser Feet

Start off on the right foot with our free guide to sewing machine presser feet, created just for you by our knowledgeable team of writers for BLOCK quilt magazine!


Download and print the free guide to learn all about what each presser foot is used for on your machine.

Customer Reviews of BLOCK Magazine

Zero ads and endless inspiration - there's plenty of reasons to enjoy your BLOCK quilting magazine subscription! Here are just a few reasons why our quilt magazine is preferred by Missouri Star BLOCK stars like you:

"Wow! I just received my first book and I couldn't be more happy. This is a case of you get more then what you pay for! The patterns are written where a new quilter can easily understand. And the pictures are step by step. You wont regret ordering this."

-Janet T.

"I have been in love with BLOCK since it's first issue. It inspires me, provides details I missed on the video, allows me to try to modify the quilts to my needs and fabrics. No ads...which is a good thing also." -Gary R.

"I love my BLOCK Magazine and look forward to receiving it in the mail. I am just a bit giddy when I open the box and it is there. I immediately go through the magazine and mark the quilts I want to make... You can imagine I have lots of to-do quilts waiting for me. Thank you for a truly inspiring magazine." -Mona T.

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Frequently Asked Questions about BLOCK Magazine

What is the cost of a BLOCK Subscription?

Single issue for U.S. customers is only $7.99 or $47.94 for an annual subscription (six issues).
Canadian customers may purchase single issues for $9.99 USD or $59.94 USD the subscription.
Plus, there's no additional shipping charge when you subscribe!

How can I update my mailing address for a subscription?

Log onto your account under
Click on “Account”

Click on “Block Magazine"

Click “Change” under your Delivery Address and add your new address.

How can I update my payment method on a subscription?

Log onto your account under www.missouriquiltco.comClick on “Account”

Click on “Block Magazine"

Click “Change” under your Payment Method.

Click "New Payment Method+" and add your new payment method


Once your new payment method has beed added you can remove your old payment method under "Your saved Payment Methods"


*Note if you have already added your new payment method to your account you can choose it from the list.

How do I access a digital download of BLOCK?

There are two ways you can access your digital issues. One is by logging into your Missouri Star account and going to “My Account” and then clicking on “Your Digital Downloads”. The second way you can view your digital downloads is on our “BLOCK by MSQC” app. You can find that in your app store. Please make sure you are logged into your MSQC account on the app. Then you will be able to view your digital downloads.

When will I recieve my copy of BLOCK Magazine?

BLOCK is published bi-monthly, in February, April, June, August, October, and December. (You'll be billed the month before in order to receive your issue at the end of the release month.)

If you subscribe after the billing date, the first issue you will receive will be the following bi-monthly issue. Subscribers are charged every other month or you can choose the option of being billed once a year.

Can you subscribe outside the United States?


Unfortunately, our print issues are only available U.S. and Canadian customers right now, but our digital subscriptions are available to all!

Still Have Questions about BLOCK Magazine?

What is the best quilting magazine? When you’re looking for fresh inspiration, BLOCK Magazine is here for you! There may be a lot of quilting magazines out there, but BLOCK is unique in many ways. We design, write, and produce it all in-house, especially for you. It’s filled with gorgeous photos, original stories, and there are no ads to clutter up the view. If you pick up a quilt magazine off the rack, the first thing you usually see is an ad, but BLOCK is different from these quilt magazine subscriptions. We have a feeling you’re going to love it!


When you start your quilting magazine subscription with us, in each issue of Missouri Star BLOCK Magazine you’ll receive 10 beautiful quilt patterns, plus BONUS projects, along with color diagrams, full-sized templates, detailed step-by-step instructions, and accompanying free quilt tutorials on YouTube. It’s so easy to get started! All you have to do is pick out your favorite fabrics and you’re ready to go. Then, follow along with the tutorial. You’ll be amazed at what you can do!


The top quilting magazines you typically see at the store are filled with lovely quilt projects, but did you know that most of the fabric they use is unavailable? In each issue of BLOCK Quilt Magazine, we remake our quilts with current fabrics you can shop right from our BLOCK Magazine App. That’s right! We have an app. It makes finding our quilt magazine patterns easier than ever. And when you begin your BLOCK Magazine subscription, you’ll also receive a digital copy of each issue right in your Missouri Star account. If you prefer receiving your quilting magazines online, we also have a digital only option just for you!


You know what else sets BLOCK apart from other quilting magazine subscriptions? The chance to get extra discounts! Subscribe to become a Missouri Star BLOCK Star and you’ll receive exclusive discounts on things like our Machine Quilting services, backing, threads, and more. You'll also get exclusive behind-the-scenes content and other goodies in our BLOCKStars email newsletter! Not to mention all the bonus Block magazine quilting patterns you receive within each digital issue.


Looking for a specific issue of BLOCK? Browse our selection of quilt magazine back issues to find what you need! We have a variety of past issues featuring an abundance of quilting topics and fun projects for every season. Each idea book is packed with ideas to help get you going on your next quilty adventure.


There’s always something new to explore with MSQC BLOCK Magazine. Consider us your hub for mastering your craft. A BLOCK subscription equals an entire year of projects, tips, tricks, and all-around quilty fun! You’ll never run short on inspiration with our quilting magazine subscription.