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Quilting Deals Every Day
Quilting Deals Every Day

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Snip-Eze Embroidery Snips - 4 3/4 inches

for Havels


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Tools of the Trade

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An Australian woman has been fined $450 for being found in possession of… wait for it... a pair of scissors. Why would the police be so concerned about this woman and her shears? Does she attack poor young men with shaggy hairstyles and clean them up? Maybe she’s infamous for cutting all the recipes out of waiting room magazines and leaving the articles in shreds for the disappointed patients after her.


Actually, according to the news report, the real reason for the fine is that the woman is on parole for growing marijuana in her home and the police believed the scissors to be a “gardening” tool for her illegal hobby.


But I, for one, wouldn’t be terribly surprised to find that the police received an “anonymous” tip from a hungry and neglected husband, jealous of all the time his wife was spending with her quilting supplies.


Now I’m not advocating neglecting your husband or breaking the law, but don’t let this woman and her illegal scissors get you down. You’ve gotta fight for your right to great sewing tools!


These Snip-Eze Embroidery Snips by Havel's get the most incredible reviews from customers! These lightweight embroidery snips are great for hand or machine embroidery. Quick one-handed pickup, squeeze to use. Tips fit easily under presser foot. For right or left handed use. Excellent for tired or arthritic hands.


So, in summary, the deal for today is a Snip-Eze Embroidery Snips - 4 3/4 inches for only $8.50 - that's 58% OFF!

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