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Endurance Blade and MSQC 2.5
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Endurance Blade and MSQC 2.5" x 8" Ruler Bundle by MSQC for MSQC

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This bundle includes a 45mm OLFA Endurance Blade and a 2.5” x 8” MSQC Ruler.

  • You create projects to last a lifetime and OLFA's new Endurance Rotary Blade cuts twice as long and fits all OLFA 45mm rotary cutters. It's the perfect marriage of precision and quality that you expect from OLFA. It cuts effortlessly and retains its edge longer. It's a match made in heaven.

  • This 2.5” x 8” MSQC Ruler fits perfectly with a Mini Charm Pack as well as the Jelly Roll. It also fits diagonally across a 5" charm pack.

Jenny uses this ruler in her Pecking Order Quilt. She loves it because it’s ideal for cutting a 5” in half or in fourths (click here to see where she talk about the ruler). You’ll need:

Pecking Order

Today’s Stitched Together story is heartbreaking to me, but since life is too often laced with heartbreaking things, I’m grateful for quilting for bringing a bit of peace to the hard times. Thank you to Judith for sharing.

“About two years ago, our daughter-in-law passed away, leaving our son with two boys, ages five and two. After a few weeks, our son told me he was having quite a time with CJ, the five-year-old. CJ wasn’t sleeping well at all. He would wake at one or two in the morning and wander downstairs in the dark. He would sit alone on the couch, sometimes crying quietly, but more often just sitting there. My son would take him up to bed with him, but even then CJ rarely slept very long.

“I was new to quilting, having just discovered Jenny’s wonderful tutorials. About the same time, I came across a post on Facebook about someone making a memory quilt. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I asked my son for some of her clothes, then I perused Jenny’s tutorials for inspiration on how to make something a little less feminine out of flowery and feminine fabrics. The Zipper Quilt was the least daunting for this beginner. With the tutorial playing on my tablet, I set to work. I added a small pocket in one corner, piecing it so it is nearly invisible. I cut up a denim-look sheet for the sashing and squares and backing, light-weight batting, the no-binding method, and stitched in the ditch to quilt it all together. It’s a bit larger than a crib size, just right for cuddling. In the pocket, I placed a laminated picture of CJ with his mommy and a small handkerchief scented with the body spray she always wore.

“The first night he had the quilt, my son heard him stirring in the middle of the night. He waited for CJ’s door to open, but it never did, and after a minute or so CJ was quiet again. My son waited a while longer, then silently opened the door and peeked in. CJ was fast asleep, hugging the quilt. Hugging the memory of his mom.

“There was enough fabric left to make a Square-in-a-Square quilt for his little brother. Even now, they cuddle with them for storytime or watching videos with their dad.

“Those two little quilts were the beginning of a hobby I love!”

The only thing I love more than quilting fabric is quilting stories. Got a good one? Send me yours at We publish a great quilting story every week in our series Stitched Together - Stories for the Quilter’s Soul.

If you enjoy our weekly Stitched Together feature, you’ll love our books, Stitched Together Volume 1, Volume 2 and now Volume 3! Along with the stories you’ve enjoyed all year, they’re also filled with pictures of the quilts and quilters who made them.

So, in summary, the deal for today is a Endurance Blade and MSQC 2.5" x 8" Ruler Bundle by MSQC for MSQC for only $6.95 - that's 70% OFF!

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