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Blossom Batiks Jewel Tones Pixie Strips
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Blossom Batiks Jewel Tones Pixie Strips by RJR Fabrics for RJR Fabrics

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I See Beautiful Fabric in Your Future...

I have friends who love psychics and I have plenty of friends who think they’re nuts, but either way I have to say I find them entertaining. I recently learned about a particular kind of psychic who does his readings with the use of flowers. (Who knew you could detect the vibrations of the universe through a flower?) If you attend a group reading by flower reader David Laws you simply need to bring a flower, blow into it lovingly, and leave it at the front of the room. David chooses one among the flowers and then reveals some kind of psychic information about the person who brought it. Which flower would you bring, and what do you think David would learn about you and your future from it?

I can tell you right now, I would definitely show up to the flower-reading with a flower-inspired Blossom Batiks precut… and I’m pretty sure he would sense that I (the lady who brought fabric instead of an actual flower) may be a little bit nuts about gorgeous fabric. And if he is for real, he might be able to tell me that I got that precut for an amazing price!

You know, I think I may have a touch of floral-psychic ability myself. Just looking at this deal I can sense that you will soon make a completely stunning quilt!

Each Blossom Batiks Jewel Tones Pixie Strips contains 40 2.5" x 44" strips of fabric. Some prints are duplicated. Try it in the deceptively easy Jack and Jill Quilt. You’ll need a solid Jelly Roll, ¾ yard for the inner border, 1¼ yard for the outer border and ¾ yard for the binding.

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So, in summary, the deal for today is a Blossom Batiks Jewel Tones Pixie Strips by RJR Fabrics for RJR Fabrics for only $ - that's 57% OFF!

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