Olfa Splash 45mm Rotary Cutter Navy

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Olfa Splash 45mm Rotary Cutter Navy by Olfa for Olfa

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You wanna know something weird about me? For years I said my favorite color was green. I love green! But every time I need to pick a color for anything, I never pick green. My throw pillows, my rug, shoes, tops, I seem to always pick the same color: navy blue. Recently I’ve had to admit I’ve been lying to myself all these years. I still love green, but based on all the evidence, my REAL favorite is navy blue! Have you been fooling yourself too? Is navy blue your secret favorite color? I have a feeling most people actually know their real favorite color, but whatever your top hue is, navy blue is a pretty great match! 

This navy Olfa Splash 45mm Rotary Cutter will look great in your sewing room and not to mention, it slices through fabric like a dream!

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