Purrfect Day 5" Stackers

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Purrfect Day 5" Stackers by My Mind's Eye for Riley Blake

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A Purr-fect Precut!

You’ve gotta love when scientific studies get weird. Where does it hurt most to get stung by a bee? Don’t worry, a scientist intentionally got stung in 25 different places just so he could tell you! Do you wonder if riding a roller coaster can dislodge a kidney stone? The answer, according to scientists who tested it: sometimes! 

Recently, science brought us a study where they investigated the emotional connection between cats and their owners. Researchers think that blinking slowly might be a method cats use to communicate positive emotions. They instructed cat owners to blink slowly at their cats and they found that it did appear to correlate with the cats approaching their humans more often and sometimes slow-blinking back. Although it was such a small sample size that I’m thinking this study might have been mostly an excuse for the researchers to go home and cuddle with their cats in the name of science!

If you haven’t dashed off to try slow-blinking at your feline friend yet, don’t miss today’s irresistible kitty-inspired precut! 

Purrfect Day 5” Stackers contains 42 5" squares of fabric. You receive 2-3 pieces of each print. I can’t stop picturing this line in a From the Heart Quilt, so you could either pick up 3 more Charm Packs or use this one to make a wall hanging or table runner. Or for a project that can be completed with just one charm pack, try the Treasure Box Quilt - it would be so cute! You’ll need:

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