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Quilting Deals Every Day
Quilting Deals Every Day

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Farmer's Market Charm Pack

By RJR Fabrics for RJR Fabrics


Other Guys Price: $10.00

A Farm Fresh Deal

I love a good farmer’s market: fruits and vegetables, local cheese and artisan jam. But the best treat I’ve had at a farmer’s market was found when visiting my husband’s aunt in Hawaii. The produce was beautiful and exotic and The Hubs’ auntie helped us pick out some ingredients to use in tacos for dinner. When she picked up a large green orb roughly the size of my head, I almost thought it was a baby watermelon. Nope. It was an avocado! And that one avocado made a delicious bowl of guacamole big enough to feed the whole family.


There are no monster avocadoes printed on today’s deal, but there are enough varieties of farmer’s market produce to make your mouth water. Or to make an adorable I-Spy quilt or table runner!


Each Farmer's Market Charm Pack contains 42 5" squares. Each print is duplicated.

Table Runner:

So, in summary, the deal for today is a Farmer's Market Charm Pack by RJR Fabrics for RJR Fabrics for only $2.50 - that's 75% OFF!

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