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Free Shipping Sale + Bonuses at $40, $75, and $125!!!

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Free Falling

The leaves are falling, the prices are falling, and the shipping is FREE... it doesn’t get much better than that! You’re going to love today’s sale because we’re loading you up with FREE shipping, FIVE fabulous precuts at Daily Deal prices, additional sale items.  See the sale HERE. And check out these FREEBIES:

Some women feel that getting their sweetheart to buy them something special is like pulling teeth. In Smyrna, Georgia, it’s more like shooting fish in a barrell. You see, a local jeweler ran a promotion a few years back that offered an unusual freebie: buy a diamond ring, get a free hunting rifle! I’m not completely sure how I feel about that, but I can tell you, sure as shootin’, there are plenty of things I’d rather get for free. (Although if I sent The Hubs out hunting I suppose I’d get more quilting done!) Today we’ve got a whole whack of deals and no matter which ones or how many you pick, we’ll throw in the shipping FREE!

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