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Quilting Deals Every Day
Quilting Deals Every Day

Today's Deal 46% off

In Stitches 2.5" Strips

By Bird Brain Designs for Maywood Studios


Other Guys Price: $39.00

A Deal To Keep You in Stitches

Willy Wonka said: “No other factory in the world mixes its chocolate by waterfall.” Jenny says: “No other quilt shop in the world has its own Oompa Loompas!” Have you seen the video? (They’re the dancing orange folks.)


Remember, every day in October when US residents spend $25 before tax and shipping you’ll receive a Golden Star scratch ticket in your order. Every ticket wins a prize, and you just might be one of our Grand Prize winners and get flown out here to meet Jenny and get totally spoiled, MSQC style!


The Hubs is a great dad, but he’s always had one fatal flaw. If a chubby-cheeked troublemaker does something naughty AND funny, The Hubs has never been able to keep a straight face. And that’s a problem because kids are always doing stuff that’s naughty and hilarious.


Like the way our little girl, not even two years old, was always being rude to friendly strangers. A well-meaning cashier or neighbor might remark “Well aren’t you a big girl!” or “What a pretty dress!” or even “Merry Christmas!” to which our precious angel would reply stubbornly with her favorite, newly-acquired world: “NO!” Rude? Yes. Adorable and funny? Oh yes! And there I’d be, stoically nudging her to be friendly or say thank you, while The Hubs was just irresponsibly giggling behind his hand. And since our naughty kids have always kept us in stitches, The Hubs spent a lot of time irresponsibly laughing when he should have been wagging his finger.


Maybe you shouldn’t laugh out loud every time you want to, but you can certainly indulge yourself with today’s beautiful In Stitches precut.


Each In Stitches 2.5” Strips contains 40 2.5" x 44" strips of fabric. Some prints are duplicated.


This gorgeous line is one of those ones that will make timeless pieces, but could also make great sophisticated Christmas decor. Try it in a Zipper Quilt or a Coin Quilt with a Little Pizzazz. If you have any strips leftover you could make an easy quilted Christmas Stocking.  Make sure to pick up a few more of the supplies you’ll need so that you hit the $25 spend you need to get a Golden Star scratch ticket!

So, in summary, the deal for today is a In Stitches 2.5" Strips by Bird Brain Designs for Maywood Studios for only $20.95 - that's 46% OFF!

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