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Autumn Song Charm Pack
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Autumn Song Charm Pack by Janet Rae Nesbitt of ONE S1STER for Henry Glass

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Each  Autumn Song Charm Pack contains 42 5" squares of fabric. Each print is duplicated. This line is such a beautiful primitive style, make it into a Super Easy Hourglass Quilt and you’ll feel like you have a treasured antique on your hands! To make this quilt you’ll need:

Super Easy Hourglass Quilt


I love to hear from quilters around the world. It’s so lovely to feel that even thousands of miles apart we have so much in common, and this story struck me especially because my grandfather had a quilt with exactly the same “creative” batting. Thank you to Sally Habermann in Germany for sharing.

“I was born in Bristol, England in 1951 where, just after the end of the war, some things were a bit difficult to get hold of. Bedding was a case of darning old woolen blankets and sheets and there were virtually no pretty things for babies on the market.

“My grandparents lived up in the mountains of South Wales on a working farm and didn't have much in the way of money left over for luxuries. However, I was very lucky to have a nana who was a complete genius when it came to handicrafts. Nana cooked, baked (her fruitcakes were legendary), knitted, embroidered and sewed and she came up with a lovely idea.

“My grandfather was sent up into the hills were the sheep were grazing - they don't have fields in the Brecon Beacons and so the sheep run free - and started to collect any pieces of fleece that he could find on the gorse and brambles that are to be found all over the place. Having collected enough - it took a few months - my Nana then washed the fleece thoroughly in the old washing sink and gently squeezing and rubbing eventually came up with a lovely clean fleece for the filling for my very first quilt.

“Nana made a lovely patchwork top, mainly in pink, and the backing was a pale pink. She quilted it simply, in squares, and it was wonderfully soft and springy.

“My quilt stayed with me throughout my childhood, my first marriage, and accompanied me when I moved to Germany thirty-five years ago. It got used for so many things - picnics, babies changing rug, cuddling up on the sofa together, but eventually it reached the time when age just set in. My Nana hadn't used a cotton material for the backing and so eventually the backing just rotted away.

“I replaced the backing with a simple piece of material but unfortunately my idea didn't stand the test of time either.

“However, all is not lost!! My quilt now serves as a base for my dog's basket and my golden retriever, George,  snoozes away the days in comfort, dreaming probably of the sheep running free on the Welsh Hills.

“And me? I now spend my days embroidering, baking, cooking, and quilting - and thanking my grandmother for passing on her gifts to me.”

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