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Stitched Together Book Volume 1 - Stories for the Quilter's Soul
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Stitched Together Book Volume 1 - Stories for the Quilter's Soul by MSQC for MSQC

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But That’s Another Story...

Have you ever noticed that line in “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” that says:

“There'll be scary ghost stories, and tales of the glories of Christmases long, long ago”?

I remember hearing that line and wondering if the writer of that song just ran out of things to say and threw some random lyrics in there. I’m serious! Ghost stories at Christmas? Pshhhh. But it turns out that in the Victorian Era, it really was tradition to gather around the fire on Christmas eve and tell ghost stories. I have to say, I’ll pass. The only thing close to a ghost story I want to hear this season is A Christmas Carol, and even that I prefer in Muppet form.

I never liked scary stories, but you know what I never get sick of? Quilting stories! And every quilter has one. How they got into quilting, the quilt they inherited, the quilt they ruined, the quilt they saved, the quilt that saved them. Today’s Deal will make a great companion by the fire with a cup of cocoa, and no ghosts!

Stitched Together Volume 1 is a compilation of stories written by regular folks like you and me whose lives have been touched by quilting. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you may even cheer out loud as you read story after story of the unique power of quilting.

It’s the perfect book for any quilter!

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