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A handmade quilt given to a loved one is priceless, but it doesn't have to be pricey. At the Missouri Star Quilt Company we aim to make quality quilting supplies affordable to everyone.

Quilting Deals Every Day

Daily Deal - Each night at midnight (CST) we discount a unique quilting product, saving you 35%-100% off every time! You may add one Daily Deal to your cart at a time.

Daily Specials - These little beauties are like the daily deal in that you get new ones every day, but they are different because you can add as many to your cart as you'd like! Seriously, you can have all of them ... please, take them all, I insist. Every day two quilting products are priced to sell, and are available until midnight (CST).

  • Collections for a Cause - Mill Book c.1892 Layer Cake
  • In the Bloom Charm Pack

Weekly Specials - We're sure you'll love these. Why? Well, sometimes you aren't ready to push buy that day - you need a day or two. But these little honeys are there when you need them, like a Sandra Bullock chick flick that never lets you down. Every Monday three items are discounted and are available until Sunday at midnight (CST). Add as many of these to your cart as you want!

  • Stonehenge Limestone 2.5
  • Lucky 10
  • From Bump to Baby Charm Pack

These great deals await you like a puppy in a petshop window for his new owner

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