Shop Quilt Fabric by Color

Are you a color connoisseur? Shop a spectrum of gorgeous quilting fabrics in all your favorite hues! When you are on the hunt for the perfect color to make your nece have quilt fabrics of every shade, tone, and tint just waiting for you. Want to perk up your next quilting project? Add color! There’s no such thing as too much, in our opinion. Shop fabric by color here at Missouri Star and find yourself inspired!

buy red quilt fabric online

1" Polypro Purse Strapping - Red

1-1/2" Polypro Purse Strapping - Red

108" Quilt Back - Bandana Red 108" Wide Backing

buy pink quilt fabric online

Geo on Blush 2 Yard Cut

White Floral on Blush 2 Yard Cut

Loving Elephants Pink 2 Yard Cut

buy coral quilt fabric online

108" Quilt Back - Splatter Dots Peach 108" Wide Backing

All That Wander - Flourish Peach Orange Yardage

American Made Brand Cotton Solids - Coral Yardage

buy orange quilt fabric online

1930's Basics - Leaves Orange Yardage

ABC's Of Color - Suns Orange Yardage

Abstract Collage - Squiggly Lines Orange Yardage

buy yellow quilt fabric online

1" Polypro Purse Strapping - Citrus

1930's Basics - Dots Yellow Yardage

A Little Dr. Seuss - Fish Yellow Yardage

buy green quilt fabric online

1" Polypro Purse Strapping - Lime

108" Quilt Back - Fireflies 108" Wide Backing Green

16" Hoop Pull Zippers - Mint

buy teal quilt fabric online

1" Polypro Purse Strapping - Teal

108" Quilt Back - Splatter Dots Mint 108" Wide Backing

1930's Basics - Flowers Teal Yardage

buy blue quilt fabric online

1" Polypro Purse Strapping - Navy

1" Polypro Purse Strapping - Royal Blue

1" Polypro Purse Strapping - Sky Blue

buy purple quilt fabric online

1" Polypro Purse Strapping - Purple

1-1/2" Polypro Purse Strapping - Violet

108" Ombre Confetti - Aubergine 108" Wide Backing

buy black quilt fabric online

1" Polypro Purse Strapping - Black

1-1/2" Polypro Purse Strapping - Black

1-1/2" Polypro Purse Strapping - Black & White

Alphabetosaurus - Dinosaurs Black Yardage

Be Colorful - Stripe Black Metallic Yardage

Be Merry - 1/8Th Stripe Black Yardage

buy grey quilt fabric online

1" Polypro Purse Strapping - Gray

1-1/2" Polypro Purse Strapping - Charcoal

108" Ombre Confetti - Graphite Grey 108" Wide Backing

buy white quilt fabric online

1" Polypro Purse Strapping - Natural

1" Polypro Purse Strapping - White

1-1/2" Polypro Purse Strapping - Black & White

buy brown quilt fabric online

1" Polypro Purse Strapping - Brown

1" Polypro Purse Strapping - Russet

1-1/2" Polypro Purse Strapping - Brown

More Ways to Shop Fabric By Color

You've reached the end of the rainbow! If you're still looking for just the right color of quilt fabric, use the links below to shop quilt fabric by color temperature!

Have you ever found yourself searching for fabric in just the right shade of blue for a quilting project? Or green? Greens are tricky–they can be either too yellow or too blue. Maybe right now you need an orange that isn’t the shade of highway warning signs. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could shop hundreds–or even thousands–of quilt fabrics by color?


At Missouri Star, you can! As you may have already discovered, this page can be found via the menu that runs along the second row at the top of the this website; simply click on the word YARDAGE and then, on the far right side of the YARDAGE menu that drops down, click on SHOP QUILT FABRIC BY COLOR. You will then see a vertical list of quilt fabric colors–starting with “Red Fabric & Notions” and continuing through the color spectrum with pink, coral, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue, purple, black, black and white, gray, white, and brown. You can click on any of these options for which you wish to shop for fabric by color. For our example here, we will choose green fabric.


Once the Green Fabric & Quilting Notions page opens, you will see that there are approximately 1,060 green products available. You could scroll through many screens filled with fabrics and notions, or you could use the filters along the left side of the webpage to narrow your search (we recommend using the filters to find exactly what you're looking for quickly!)


For example, if you are searching for quilting fabric by color, look for the MATERIAL filter and select COTTON. Then choose the SHOP BY filter and select FABRIC BY THE YARD and PRECUT FABRICS. This narrows your search to approximately 830 options. Now you can play with the THEME filter. Would you like “Dots & Spots” patterned green colors of fabric? That combination of filters produces about 80 results. Oooo, they are nice! (Just looking at this page for the first time!) Missouri Star offers Kaffe Classics–Paperweight, Ombre Confetti Metallic, Wilmington Essentials–Soda Pop, Wilmington Essentials–Glass Bead, Kansas Troubles Favorites, and Artisan Batiks in fabric colors from lime to lemongrass to olive to emerald to moss.


Are you finished with green and ready to shop fabric by color with a different hue? Start your search again by navigating to YARDAGE and then SHOP QUILT FABRIC BY COLOR.


When you get back to this page, we want you to notice something else: if you scroll down to the bottom of it (but above the text you are reading right now), we have also categorized quilt fabrics by their color “temperature.” Warm color fabric–red, pink, coral & peach, orange, and yellow–are listed on the left; cool color fabric–green, teal, blue, and purple–are listed in the center, and neutral color fabric–black, black & white, gray, white, brown & tan–are listed on the right. You may choose to search for fabric by color simply by clicking on the color name of your choice in this section of the page.


We hope you enjoy shopping for fabric by color. For those of you who love color, we suspect that this may be your happy place on the Missouri Star online store. We hope so! And we hope that this page makes it easier for you to select just the right shades and tints of fabric colors that are perfect for your quilting and sewing projects.