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Make a monochromatic quilt with these beautiful black and white fabrics! When you focus on the design, it's amazing what you can see. And be sure to stock up on black fabric or white fabric for your backgrounds and accents. When you're looking for black and white fabric, look no further! It's all right here in black and white. read more

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Black and White Fabric

There is no greater visual contrast than black and white; therefore, black and white fabric creates drama. At the same time, black and white fabric prints provide a clean, modern palette that allows a designer or sewist to mix patterns easily–no need to worry about whether colors work together. However, if you want to add pops of color, those look fabulous mixed among black and white fabrics.

Missouri Star offers many quilt patterns well-suited to black and white quilt fabric. For example, The Modern Courthouse Quilt is a visually stunning black and white mini-quilt. Imagine the Carpenter’s Square Quilt on either a black fabric or white fabric background with black and white fabric prints used for the pieced design. Natalie demonstrated Carpenter’s Square in this Triple Play. Take a look at the Trail Blaze Quilt; it packs a punch of both black and white pattern and color. Jenny demonstrates another quilt called the Bordered Nine-Patch that shows how traditional quilt patterns are lovely in black and white.

Are you looking for a particular black and white fabric pattern? We probably have it! Let’s say you want black and white polka dot fabric by the yard. Most of the time we have a traditional, uniformly-spaced, large black and white polka dot in stock. Maybe you would like a randomly-spaced, medium-sized black and white polka dot fabric. Or would you prefer tiny polka dots? White dots and circles on black anyone? How about something funky–hand drawn batik circles? 

Some folks want black and white striped fabric by the yard. Don’t worry, stripe people, we didn’t take care of the dot people and forget about you! We have diagonal stripes and vertical stripes. We have wide stripes and narrow stripes. We have suggested-stripes that are created by patterns of printed images. 

In addition to black and white stripe fabric and polka dot fabric, Missouri Star offers black and white fabric by the yard and precuts featuring checks, swirls, geometric shapes, line designs, words, animals, and musical notation. We hope that you enjoy exploring the freedom and fun of sewing with black and white. We will do our best to bring you the best black and white fabrics for your projects.