addi Comfort Grip Crochet Hooks for Addi

addi Comfort Grip Crochet Hooks
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The addi Comfort Grip Crochet Hook is the hook by which all others are measured! Skacel's most popular hook features color coded handles and a comfort grip handle with no thumb rest.

Available in sizes: 

C/2/3.00mm, D/3/3.25mm, E/4/3.50mm, F/5/3.75mm, G/6/4.00mm, 7/4.50mm, H/8/5.00mm, I/9/5.50mm, J/10/6.00mm

Please note: There is a size discrepancy in how these hooks are named with letters between sizes F-G. In keeping with the Craft Yarn Council's crochet hook standards we have re-lettered them here to be consistent with the  number and millimeter sizing.

Full sets are available here.


  • addi Turbo slick hook, stitches glide easily
  • Pointy tip
  • Tapered throat
  • Color band at the top of the tip to identify hook size.


  • plastic
  • aluminum


Brand: Addi

Product Type: Crochet Hooks

MSQC SKU: CH100129

MFG SKU: CH100133

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