BLOCK Magazine 2022 Volume 9 Issue 5 by Missouri Star Quilt Co.

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Fall into another inspirational issue of BLOCK Magazine! This issue of the beautiful quilting magazine from Missouri Star is all about how we share, show, feel, and express gratitude for what we love to do. Read about how quilting has bettered the lives of quilters and other around them and about how you can share your work with the world while giving back to the community. Discover inspiration, as well as tips and tricks to make your sewing easier, and fun new ways to bring your creations to life! And as always, enjoy this issue with no advertisements.

Is your stash overflowing? You know you should use some of it up, but you don’t know where to begin? Learn how to let it go Marie Kondo style as Natalie Earnheart walks us through the art of stash-busting. Give those fabrics a proper send-off. In this issue, you’ll also find helpful information on how and when to use popular sewing machine feet.

There are so many ways to express yourself as a quilter, whether you make something for yourself and your loved ones or quilt to make sure your community members have their needs met. BLOCK Magazine will always be here to help you through discovering new ways to quilt! Within these pages, you’ll find inspiring tales from other quilters and ideas on how to show your gratitude. Dive into fun fall projects and learn how to make every stitch count!


Brand: Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Collection: Block Magazine Volume 9 2022

Designer: Missouri Star Quilt Co.

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