Starburst Quilt Tutorial

Jenny Doan

Starburst Quilt Tutorial

Quilt Size: 58" x 58"
Jenny Doan shows us how to make The Starburst Quilt using yardage and 10 inch squares of precut fabric (layer cakes). We used Blossom Batiks Starling Patty Cake by RJR Fabrics. Learn how to make half square triangles quickly.
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video transcript

Hi everybody, it’s Jenny from the MSQC. And I’ve got a really fun project for you today. Let’s take a look at this quilt behind me. This is our Starburst quilt and it’s just great. The fun thing about this quilt, sometimes the fun is in the quilt, sometimes the fun is in the making, sometimes it’s both. And this one is both. To make this quilt, what you’re going to need is 16 ten inch squares of color and 16 ten inch squares of background fabric. We’re going to use our half square triangle method for this. So the fabric we’ve used today is called Blossom Batiks Black and White and it’s for Florian Finch for RJR. And it’s just a really fun line, love the black and whites. I just love them. I feel like I’m in Star Wars up here, it’s so cool. So you’re also going to need about a yard for your outer border here. We have a little 4 ½ inch border. And that’s it. It makes a quilt that is 58 by 58. So it’s kind of cool lap size or wall hanging size. And it just makes this awesome star.

So the way this quilt is made is actually in quadrants. So we’re dividing this in fourths. This is the part that we’re going to work on. It then rotates all the way around to make the full star. So the first thing we’re going to need to do is make some half square triangles. And to do that what we’re going to do is we’re going to take one of our ten inch squares like this of color. And one ten inch square of background. And like I said you just need 16 of each of these. So if you buy a packet of ten inch squares you’re actually going to get two quilts out of that one packet of ten inch squares. So we’re going to put these on here like this. Our background fabric right sides together like this, right sides together. We’re going to sew a quarter of an inch all the way around the outside. Now the most important thing about making this block is that you need to make sure that your quarter inch is the same on all four sides and then your block will come out the same. All your individual blocks are going to come out the same size. So just watch and make sure that you’re sewing a quarter of an inch the same on all four sides. So let’s go to the sewing machine and do that.

Alright so we’re going to line up on our quarter of an inch line. Make sure you’re lined up and we’re just going to sew. We’re going to sew a quarter of an inch right down the side. I sew, I’ve sewn right off the end here. And just going to bring it around and go. You can pivot if you want. Make sure your squares stay lined up. And if by chance you get two where your squares aren’t exactly the same, just follow one. Pick one to choose, to follow to line up your quarter inch by. You’d think ten inches would be ten inches no matter what pack you buy but you know sometimes it’s not. People get a little crazy out there. Alrighty. So now once you’ve sewn a quarter of an inch all the way around all four sides, you’re going to take your ruler. And this is one of my favorite things about this ruler is that it actually spans the distance without any trouble. And what we’re going to do is we’re going to cut it diagonally both directions. So I”m lining it up here corner to corner. I also make sure that my ruler is lined up where my stitching intersects. And we are just going to cut straight across here. Not move our fabric but pick up our ruler and do corner to corner again. So you make two cuts diagonally. And then we’ve got our four pieces here. And we’re going to be able to press those open and have four half square triangles. So we’re going to take these to the ironing board. We’re going to lay our dark colors on the top, set our seam and roll it back. And we’re going to do that to all four of our pieces. And actually I would suggest that at this point going ahead and making all your half square triangles. So do 16 of these. You know so that you can have all of your squares ready to make, to start building your star.

So once you get all your blocks done then you’re ready to assemble your quadrant and you’re making this is quarters remember. And so we’re going to have a diagram for you so you can follow along and put your half square triangles pointing just the right way. So that it will work out to be a star. One big star in the end. But you’ll have to have a diagram to follow so what I’m going to do is I’m going to put these out for you so that you’ll be to follow along exactly and make yours look just like ours.

So once you get them all laid out, this is your quadrant. So let’s take a look at it. This whole row, they’re all pointing away from me. Then we have up, down, down, down. Then we have up, down, up, up. Then we have up, down, up, down. So you’ve just got to watch it, get it laid out like that. And then we’re just going to sew these together. You’re going to put them right sides together. Sew a quarter of an inch and you’re going to sew them. Remember it’s four in a row, four rows. So once you get that all done. You’re going to have a piece that looks like this. So this is your piece right here and let me line this up and make sure we’re going the right direction. So this is your piece. And when you get ready to put it together you’re just going to turn it to assemble it.  So we’re going to turn it and it’s going to line up along the side like this.
So let me show you on the quilt behind us. So here’s the four right here. Here’s our top. When you get ready to put the next one on over here, you’re just going to turn it one turn and it fits up there. One turn and it fits here. One turn and it fits over here as well. And so then you’re going to sew it together like a giant four patch. So you’re just going to lay out your pieces until they all line up and it makes this awesome looking star. So I hope you have as much making this as we did. I really enjoy this. I think it’s so fun when you can get something where it’s like one quadrant and make them all the same but then just rotate it all the way around and it comes together for this cool pattern. So we hope you enjoyed this tutorial on the Starburst quilt from the MSQC.

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