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Seeing spots? You're in the right place! These darling spotted fabrics and polka dot fabrics are perfect for your next quilt project. Whether you like big dotted fabric, tiny dotted fabric or crazy polka dot fabric, we have an array of dot fabric to choose from in a variety of bright colors.   read more


Dot Fabrics

Leopards have them, but we call them spots. Samuel Morse sent messages with dots and dashes. A sequence of dots creates a line. Georges Seurat used dots to make an impression. And when it comes to quilting, dotted fabric will have you seeing spots…in a good way!

Polka dot fabric made its appearance in the mid-1800’s, and–yes–it derives its name from its association with polka dancing, which was popular between the 1840’s and 1860’s. Polka dot fabric has a pattern of equally spaced, solid circles of the same size and color on a contrasting solid background. Although dance fads may have changed, large polka dot fabric and small polka dot fabric have remained popular; Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, Princess Diana, and Julia Roberts have all worn iconic polka dot designs.

Polka dot fabric by the yard is still a fashionable choice for apparel sewing, and there are also many polka dot precuts like charm packs, jelly rolls and fat quarter bundles to ensure you have plenty of options to choose from. Polka dot cotton fabric is a favorite choice of quilters, and you will also find several polka dot fabric quilt patterns right here on the Missouri Star website!

Dot fabrics can be dramatic, fun, whimsical, charming, or sweet. They can be the star of the show or a supporting element in your project. And there are many new twists on traditional polka dot fabrics from today’s top designers!

The circular shapes found on dot fabrics can vary in size, color, and spacing, creating different visual effects on the fabric. The spots found on dotted fabric may be evenly distributed, forming a regular pattern, or they may be scattered more randomly.

Missouri Star carries tiny dot fabric, speckled fabric, dots arranged in stripes, pebbled texture dots, tiny flower dots, thimble dots, paisley dots, and red tomato pincushion dots. We have fun fabrics printed to look like soda pop bubbles, colorful fabrics with dots that look like millefiori glass, and interesting batik dotted fabrics. And don't forget the traditional polka dot fabrics that started it all! 

Some dot fabrics look like paint splatter fabric, with fun and colorful options of splattered and dotted fabrics which even include choices for backing. Ready to party? You might like confetti dot fabric. Moda produces 108” wide Ombre Confetti fabric in several color options for backing. They also offer a 45” wide Ombre Confetti Metallic dotted fabric yardage for quilting and other applications.

Last but not least, you’ll also find dot fabrics with intricate patterns of bubbles, circles, swirls, starbursts, stones, and line designs created from dots–in every color you can imagine.

Dot fabric has come a long way since the advent of the polka dot!

Whether you are looking for leopard spots or tiny dots, Missouri Star has precut and dot fabric by the yard for every dotty project of your dreams! Find your spot with dotted fabrics from your favorite designers! Speckled or spotted, ditsy or dotted, browse our selection of dot fabric here.