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Jelly rolls, those sweet 2.5 inch fabric strips for quilting, come all rolled up and ready for fun! Here you'll find every kind of jelly roll quilt pattern using 2.5 inch strips. From quick jelly roll rugs to cute tote bags, strip quilts, pillows and place mats, we have oodles of fun jelly roll quilting patterns for all! read more

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2.5" Strip (Jelly Roll) Patterns

Jelly roll or 2.5” strips - no matter which name you prefer, these are one of the most popular precuts for a reason! Quilters of all skill levels rave about jelly roll quilts because not only are 2.5” strips fun to sew with, but they’re perfectly versatile because there are so many jelly roll patterns to choose from!

From simple to complex, there's a jellyroll quilt pattern for quilters of all persuasions.You can shop our huge selection of jelly roll patterns by size, designer, or theme to find your next project, and find plenty of jellyroll quilt inspiration on our FREE jelly roll quilt tutorials here

You can use jelly roll quilt patterns for any quilt that calls for 2.5” strips, whether it’s an art quilt or an adorable jelly roll baby quilt. If you have some questions about jelly roll quilting and/or jelly roll quilting patterns, we are more than happy to help! Jelly roll quilt patterns are one of our most popular pattern categories! You can also learn about jelly roll quilt patterns for free with our online tutorials.

What Can I Make with Jelly Roll Fabric?

The short answer to this question is: nearly anything - it all depends on what you want to make! If you want to start with a quilt, our huge selection of 2.5” strip patterns is bursting with inspiration from the designers you love like Cluck Cluck Sew, Elizabeth Hartman, and Lella Boutique (to name a few!). You can also check out our own Missouri Star jelly roll quilting patterns, all of which are accompanied by free 2.5” strip tutorial videos to help you every step of the way!

Jelly roll quilt patterns are versatile and can be adapted to various styles, from traditional to modern. They are particularly popular among quilters who enjoy a faster and more streamlined quilting process compared to starting from scratch with larger pieces of fabric.

We carry an impressive selection of Jelly Roll patterns, ranging from tote bags, to pillows, and quilts. The only issue you may encounter is picking which 2.5” strip quilt patterns using jelly rolls you like the most! Plus, there are so many quilting websites (including ours) that offer free jelly roll quilt patterns as well as free jelly roll quilt tutorials. Beginner and advanced quilters, take note!

Are Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns Free?

Paid patterns typically offer more detailed instructions and support, but there are plenty of free 2.5” quilt patterns and tutorials out there, too! Just find Jenny on the Missouri Star YouTube channel and she’ll show you an amazing array of jelly roll quilt tutorials. Jenny has plenty of free quilt patterns using Jelly Rolls you can follow - we recommend watching the Jelly Roll Race video tutorial, especially for beginners.

In fact, there are several different Jelly Roll Race tutorials that Jenny leads, and you can find more 2.5" strip quilt tutorials on our full playlist of Jelly Roll quilt tutorials on YouTube!

What Size Quilt Does a Jelly Roll Make?

The answer to this question will vary by the pattern you choose, so we recommend checking the supplies list in the jelly roll quilt pattern you’ve chosen before purchasing your fabric.

Typically, a single jelly roll contains anywhere between 40-42 2.5” strips, which is enough to make a standard Lap quilt measuring approximately 50” x 64”. If you’re aiming for a bigger jelly roll quilt, two jelly rolls will make something just a little bigger than a Twin, which is approximately 64” x 88”. And for you overachievers who want to know what jelly roll quilt patterns three jelly rolls will make, you can expect a proper Queen size, which usually measures to be about 86” x 93”.

No matter what size you wish to make, we have jelly roll quilting patterns of all sizes to choose from, and we know you will find the perfect jelly roll patterns for your next project here! And when you’re ready to go beyond jelly roll quilting patterns, dive into the colorful world of home decor with Misty! She has transformed jelly rolls into amazing things to decorate your living space, such as unique 3-D Fabric Wall Art or a Quilted Ottoman.

No matter what size you wish to make, we have jelly roll quilting patterns of all sizes to choose from, and we know you will find the perfect jelly roll patterns for your next project here! Browse our growing selection of 2.5” strip patterns, or find more inspiration over on our Jelly Roll Quilting Tutorials Page to watch free tutorials and get some amazing tips from Jenny Doan and other top instructions to make it all come together!